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Pups by our  USA imported Bostons Max or Bluegum, Jax, imported in utero,  Aussie bred dogs, Biggles ( mix) ,Trouble, ( Mix ) Bobkat, French Bulldog ) , are available, pups will be from  $2,500 up, plus freight, and that is not cheap these days,  pups are  chipped, vaccinations up to date, desexing is done, and see our guarantee on site. 

The $100 fee to join our wait list for a Toybulldog  is not refundable, its a joining fee not a deposit, I am simply unable to keep up with casual enquiries at this time and so have to ask a fee be paid by serious buyers, it does come off the full price of your puppy. 

Best place to see available pups is on our Facebook page although they will not be listed as being for sale, Facebook has a policy against selling all animals on Facebook, links to our Facebook page are on this site 

Pups available for 2021 may be  put up on our Facebook site, or here, or  click here to email me 

Scroll down to see available pups and mums, click on PDF icons to see DNA test results, dogs with no icons are from lines already tested as clear so no further DNA needs doing 



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Bobcat is, for a Frenchy, a very fit little mate, he runs and breathes with no trouble at all, is DNA clear by parentage.

None the less we will only ever use him for cross breeding.

Pups often available by him, I'm pretty bad at updating so flick me an email about pups or retiring adults.

Jax, a Boston Terrier, imported in utero, a very fit and beautiful little dog, sound temperament and has sired some really 

gorgeous pups.

Boots, our home bred Toybulldog, highly Boston based and clear of every possible thing we could test for, he also has a temperament we cant fault, friendly, obedient, not dog aggressive and confident. 

Open his PDF file to see his test results