All of these delightful Toy Bulldogs were bred by The Minibull Project, and show the diversity of this type of Bulldog,  most are now in  homes where they are very much loved, we thank our buyers for keeping in touch as we do like to see how our pups grow up, and love to know they are cared for and loved as a pet should be. 

  It is not the intention of the Minibull Project to ever do closely

related matings in order to get that peas in a pod type sameness in looks that is so desired in their registered pure bred counterparts.


It is therefore a good idea to decide on the look you like and buy a puppy on his individual look, not just the first available.


Ears may stand up, or may stay down, tails may be long or short, all are beautiful in their own way, and those longer tailed dogs help to keep spines strong and fit and lessen the incidence of Hemi Vertebrae.


There is a link between the short noses combined with short to no tail, short backs and spinal deformities, this is not often mentioned in the dog world, but it is the reason Manx cat breeders do not mate two stumpy tailed cats together but put a tailed cat with a stumpy one, this helps to keep problems to a minimum.



  Our many buyers sometimes meet for play dates, groups are getting together in different areas and there is also a private Facebook group that only our buyers may join, this is run by buyers and is NOT our page, it cannot be joined unless you have  bought and taken delivery of a Toy Bulldog pup from the Minibull Project.


It is a very freindly helpfull page where people enjoy posting photos and offer advice or support for one another, and between them and ourselves any Toy Bulldog in need of being rehomed recieves help quickly and does not land in either pounds or shelters. 


We will also take back a dog at any time of it's life and keep it untill we find a new home should a buyer need to re home their dog urgently.




This group below are all dogs we have bred on a play date.

From puppy to adult, these photos below put together by his owner show one of our Toys from the 'baby' photos sent to her by me to adulthood.

Three of our past pups on a play date, unlike most Bulldogs, most of ours can run at length and greatly enjoy a get togther, with lots of runing games.

Hi Maria,Thought I’d give you an update on Sophie. She recently won “Coolest Trick” at a Halloween doggy party we went to. She can ’speak’ on command. Clever puppy!
She’s been an absolute delight and is super smart and has ended up weighing in at 11.4kg’s!! No health issues at all, except she is anaphylactic to bee stings. Scary stuff. We are managing it best we can.Couple of photo’s from the Halloween weekend.
NOTE: If at any time your dog shows signs of a serious case of allergy, a human anti histamine will work, for a small dog half or a quarter is enough, iuntil you get to a vet !
 A nice little video from puppy to one year old click link

On a hot day, they do love to dive into their pool

A bunch of our Toy Bulldogs at a play date on the beach, they tend to be sociable, playful, and most love a dip as well, and they can run !
Many owners arrange play dates so dogs can meet and play, I think the people love it as much as the dogs, plus we get to see some really nice photos of past pups !
The Boston influence is often very plain to see in our Toy Bulldogs 
Obi has ears down, but they may stand up too, as above. Tails may be long or short, to continually breed short tailed dogs together lessens spinal health, to mix them up with tailed dogs increases it.
 Build a nose and they will run !
Bull Dogs are known for sitting about, one reason for this is because they HAVE to, with slits for nostrils ( nares ) they cannot get enough air in to do otherwise.
Our aim is to breed away from slit nares like those  pictured below, fewer and fewer of our dogs are now born with nares needing correction for them to breath easy.